Microsoft Trackball Explorer – How to make it work with Windows 10

We understand that you’d like to customize you Microsoft trackball explorer mouse on windows 10. For better assistance with your device setup please follow the step blow.

As you are already aware from a frustrating search session Windows 10 drivers are currently not available. Anyways I would suggest you to download Windows 8 drivers and install them in compatibility mode. The steps below are what I did and it is working perfectly.

Microsoft trackball explorer windows 10
Microsoft trackball explorer windows 10

Microsoft trackball explorer windows 10 setup process:

To install the drivers in compatibility mode follow these steps:

  • Right click on setup file.
  • Click on Properties
  • Click on Compatibility tab.
  • Put a check mark on Run this program in compatibility mode for.e. Select the supported operating system.
  • Put a check mark on Run this program as an administrator under Privilege Level.
  • OK your way out of those windows and then right click the .exe file and click run as administrator

For Microsoft trackball explorer windows 10 – steps d-f can be done for all users (which I would do even if I planned to be the only user) by clicking the “Change settings for all users” button at the bottom of the window and checking those two boxes there.

You will probably get a message saying “this software may not work on this version operating system” or something like that, say Yes/OK to continue.

After the installer runs it will show a little your device is ready window in the bottom right of the screen click that and set up your mouse buttons.

If you miss that window go to the Control Panel click on Mouse and it will bring up the Trackball Explorer in the Mouse Properties window. Also do not forget to clear the mouse regularly. Here is how to clean a trackball mouse tips.

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