With several brands available on the market, you can sometimes have hard time choosing the best left handed trackball. We have few things that can guide you in buying the best performing left-handed trackball mouse to suit your applications.

With a trackball mouse, you can have easy maneuverability through functions on your device. This include office work as well as gaming. In order to have smooth and comfortable operations on all applications on your device, you need the best mouse.

With the correct choice, you won’t strain your shoulder and arms while you engage your wrist in bits of movements. If you spend most of your time behind the computer screen, you need a good selection of the best trackball mouse. Consider the following things:

How Many Buttons Do You need on the mouse?

Different brands have different designs, this include the number of buttons. Some have 6 buttons while others 8 buttons. So, depending on the functional needs, you need to consider the number of buttons before buying.

For basic computing and website browsing, you can buy something that has 3 buttons only. 3 buttons can help you in right clicking, left-clicking and scrolling. Otherwise, if you a computer that uses complicated software, you need a device with extra buttons.

Wired Vs Wireless

This is another important factor to consider when shopping for the best handed trackball mouse. Wireless mice interact with your preferred device through 2.4 GHz receiver that fits in a USB port rather than a cable. Many users prefer wireless mice for flexibility and portability which reduces the number of wire connection. However, you need to keep on changing batteries.

Size of the left handed trackball.

You all need a comfortable grip and function with the mouse you choose. The best size depends on the size of your wrist. You should choose one that fits well and comfortable in your hand. We have various sizes of trackball mice: small, medium and large to suit different user preferences. Check the dimensions before you make the purchase.


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